About FancyTunes

Your warm up radio show to start into the party night in the clubs of Innsbruck, Austria and the whole wide world .. that’s what FancyTunes is all about.

“Fancy” doesn’t only describe the flavour of the radio show but a very special way of doing party as well. What you are about to hear is a deliberate compilation of current and classic releases out of the electronic dance music style, prevailing House music. The shows main intension is to get you in a really good party mood so that you are ready and want to party like hell at your forthcoming club visit. For this serve the vibes of the several sub genres of house music “The Housemacher” are famous for.

FancyTunes is boasting itself with the mission to revive the legendary “House Feeling” and the involved very special “savoir vivre” of all fans of this great great genre -> House Music !!

Find out how you can listen to our radioshow here!