About the Housemacher

A party is only as good as its DJs playing the music. The audience will only have an unforgettable evening if it is brilliantly entertained throughout the whole time of the party. The DJs therefore not only have to act with a technical perfection but above all they have to speak and understand the language of the audience. Knowing the audience’s needs and responding to the party crowd without losing their own typical style of music – that’s what the Housemacher are famous for. Their keen sense of knowing exactly what the people want, whether it be the fancy mixture through the wide range of house or staying with one specific style. Once on the dancefloor you’re tied to it.
The Housemacher are the two DJs Shufflebug and Firebird. Their journey began in 2003 when they first got together rocking some dance floors and clubs around their hometowns. At the end of 2004 they met again in the line up of a party where they were intended to play back-to-back. But the transition between them ended up in a heavy ping pong session driving the crowd into pure ecstasy. From that time on „The Housemacher“ were born and it is impossible to imagine clubs and parties without them! 

In 2005 they started doing a series of their own events which was a raving
success attracting all kinds of house lovers throughout the whole year. Besides that, they kept a finger in the pie of several other events on the local scene. Midyear 2005 they performed together with Pascal F.E.O.S. on the main floor of the „Sinus Club“ in Karlsruhe, and, they were engaged by one of the biggest picture communities around.
In addition to having their own residency in the club „Oase“ they were continually performing in several clubs. 2005 was also the year when they first played together in the camping area of the famous German open-air festival „Nature One“ in Kastellaun where the party didn’t stop for 4 days and the people really went nuts.

Then in the year 2006 it was the festival area of „Nature One“ where they rocked in the party tent of the club „Forum|Trier“. On Carnival Monday they gigged at the club „Forum“ itself in Trier.
In 2007 several bookings followed, for example, in the very popular club „S38|
Koblenz“ which made it into the „Raveline“ magazine’s readers Top 10 of German clubs.
In 2008 they played at the „Mycro Club“ in Trier which is located in the basement of the cocktail bar Havanna. Besides all the club gigs they played in several radio shows, such as „Radio Flora|Hannover“ and „FullHouseRadio|London“.

Today the Housemacher are hosting their own radio show „FancyTunes“ here on CUERADIO.FM, in addition to the very famous „SSRadioUK|London“ and at „Radio Freirad|Innsbruck, Austria“.

Over the years their musical style hasn’t really changed. They are still true to their roots and have kept their fine grasp of good house music contrary to the
mainstream electro and minimal crescendo! Their DJ sets excel in very danceable sounds and refreshing Happy, Uplifting and Vocal House. The Housemacher both know their trade and are a guarantee for an unforgettable evening in the clubs.



Name: The Housemacher (Andy Stockman & Tom Magnus)

DJing together since: 2003

Style: House (from vocal to progressive)


Clubs/radiostations/festivals played so far:

  • Studio 21, Innsbruck | Austria
  • S38, Koblenz | Germany
  • Forum, Trier | Germany
  • MycroClub, Trier | Germany
  • Sinus Club, Karlsruhe | Germany
  • Garage, Saabrücken | Germany
  • Synop, Saarbrücken | Germany
  • Oase, Kusel | Germany
  • Be-Inside, Kusel | Germany
  • Fillmore, Birkenfeld | Germany
  • Erdgeschoss, Zweibrücken | Germany
  • Black & White, Kaiserslautern | Germany
  • SSRadioUK, London | UK
  • FullHouseRadio, London | UK
  • Radio Flora, Hannover | Germany
  • Freirad 105,9MhZ, Innsbruck | Austria
  • CueRadio, Oslo | Norway

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